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I Hate the CapsLock Key

If you hate the CapsLock key like I do, you have come to the right place. This site is the home to CapsLockBeGone, the blessed little utility that will rid you of your CapsLock key forever.

I hate the CapsLock key. I really hate it. I mean I really hate it. A lot. I hate it with a passion that burns like the heat of a thousand suns. What in the name of Elvis were people thinking when they put that stinking key on a computer keyboard? Sure, it was there in the type writer where it was actually useful.  On a typewriter you can't ACCIDEntly hit it and have your typing go crazy. I remember it being "heavy" to push on a real typewriter.   Took a little heft.  But on a computer keyboard?  It's light as a feather -- as easy to press as any other key.  And there in lies its evil nature on display for some unsuspecting soul to press in error.  An evil nature that needs to be dealt with. Decisively.

Enough Was Enough

For too long was I tormented by the terrors of the CapsLock key. Something had to be done. Too many people were suffering. Too many were in anguish. Finally, I had had enough and decided to take matters into my own hands. And thus, CapsLockBeGone was born. 

CapsLockBeGone to the Rescue!

Google was my friend. I discovered that I am not alone -- that there are other tormented souls like me out there, and they had found a solution. But the solutions involved mucking with the dreaded Windows Registry, and I realized that this would be a barrier to many a CapsLock Key hater, and so I decided to go on a quest -- a quest for a simple, easy solution. I soon broke out my faithful copy of Delphi 2007 for Win32 and started coding.

Freedom at Last!

Now, with the simple press of a button, your CapsLock key can be rendered useless and inoperative, instead of the spawn of Satan that it is by default. You can render that horrible key useless. You can turn it into a regular old Shift key if you want. And yes, regrettably, the thing will even set everything back to where it was if you feel some compelling need to torture yourself.

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